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DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Rosewater

DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Rosewater

Here at F:S, we are big fans of rosewater. It is so calming (try it on your irritated scalp, skin or eyes), has anti aging properties and tastes delicious in cocktails and deserts. Honestly, what is not to love about it?! Well, I am lucky enough to have some wild roses in our yard. Some of them aren’t exactly vase worthy, so I thought, what else can I do with them. I decided to whip up a batch of rosewater.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

You will need fresh rose petals (the fresher the better, if you can pick the roses yourself, great! If not, fresh from the plant from a florist is great too), distilled water, a big pot with a lid, a brick or other heavy object I used a bowl filled with rocks, a small heat safe bowl to collect the water and ice.

DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Rosewater: What to do with those petals?
What to do with those petals?

Step 2: Rinse

Throw your petals in the sink or in a colander and rinse them well. You want to make sure any chemicals (if store bought) or bugs (from home) are removed.

DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Rosewater: Rinse your rose petals

Step 3: Arrange

Get out your pot. Put the brick (or in my case, bowl filled with rocks) in the center. Sprinkle your petals around the bowl. Fill with enough distilled water to cover the petals. Place your smaller bowl on top.

DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Rosewater: Arrange your rosewater diy supplies

Step 4: Start Cooking

Once everything is arranged, set your stove to medium low. You don’t want to get to a full boil, just a light simmer. Once you are simmering, put your lid on upside down. If you have a glass lid, use that one, that way you can peak at the water as you go. I used a lid that was too big for the pot because it was glass. Put ice on the top. The ice is going to force the steam back into water, and drip into the bowl.

The ice is obviously going to melt. Keep replacing it and scooping off the melted water. Keep monitoring the simmer. Don’t let it get to a boil. Do this for about 25 minutes to an hour. Once your rose petals lose their color, you are done.

Step 5: Bottle and Enjoy!

Once you are done cooking, allow everything to cool for a bit. Empty the saved water into air tight containers and enjoy!

Need ideas on what do use it for? Here you go:

  1. Use as a toner to help with skin’s pH.
  2. Hydrate, moisturize and soothe your skin.
  3. Refresh your makeup mid day with a light spritz.
  4. Use as aromatherapy or light fragrance.
  5. It has anti-bacterial properties, strengthening skin cells and regenerating tissue.
  6. Nourish and moisturize your scalp and hair by mixing with shampoo.
  7. Mix with your favorite oil to remove makeup.
  8. Add a few drops to your cocktail. It is great with gin, champagne, or tea and lemonade.
  9. Add to ice cream or other deserts.

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