Ethical Style

What is Ethical Style?

What is “Ethical” Style? Today, ethical style, fashion, and beauty are all largely undefined. Ethical style can mean anything from fair trade to eco-friendly to transparency in production. There are currently no guidelines in place.

We use the term to define any item that has taken into account the planet and the people producing the item, the packaging and the method of delivery. The manufacturer has placed a value on the environmental and social impact in all aspects of production and sourcing.

Most products aren’t perfect. However, we select items that are transparent in their design, manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes. We look for brands that are doing what they can. We look for items with a smaller footprint and a concern for the people behind the product. We hope that by selecting these items, we will encourage the designers to make more of the same. We hope that traditional brands will begin to realize the value in creating ethical items. We hope that eventually everything will be created ethically and there will be no need for the label.

Live ethically…


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